How to make Hijab

Fashion has taken its course in many ways. Apart from coming from a religious path, the hijab has become a significant fashion trend in this day and age. It is not too shocking that this holy piece of clothing has snuck its way into mainstream fashion. This has encouraged more and more women to feel confident and safe while wearing a hijab. The whole idea behind wearing a hijab is that it covers your hair. This religious practice is followed religiously by women all around the world.

Not only does it add a glow to your face, but it also protects your innocence and values that you stand for Islam. Many women have taken the hijab and beautifully incorporated that in their outfits. It adds a sense of class, elegance, and poise to your outfit. While keeping this in mind, it is essential to understand how exactly do you tie a hijab?

Different countries have different cultures and methods as to how exactly does one tie a hijab. In this short blog, we will take you through some of the fun, comfortable, yet super stylish ways you could tie a hijab.

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Side Pinned Hijab


Most women around the world opt to wear their hijabs pinned toward the side as not only is it easy to tie, but it also looks quite elegant and stylish. You could opt to wear a side pinned hijab for your daily use as it is less time-consuming. Take the hijab, wrap it neatly around your head, and then take the hijab’s side end of the hijab and pin it towards your side ear. You could use a safety pin to secure the hijab.


Hijab With No Pin


This style of hijab is also one of the easiest ways to tie a hijab. As the name suggests, there is no need to use a pin in this style. If you are running late and do not have the time to look for a pin, a hijab without a pin would come to your rescue. Take the hijab, wrap it neatly over your head and take both ends of the hijab, and throw it on one side or either side of the hijab.


Hijab Donned With Accessories


In case you would like a break from the necessary regular hijab, you could play around by accessorizing it. This will make your hijab look quite fun, engaging, and less tedious. You could opt for a side pinned hijab and accessories with a giant pin, or any other jewelry.


Hijab To Cover Your Chest


Most Muslim women who wear hijabs prefer to cover their chests with the hijab. Take a hijab that is neither too big nor too small. Wrap it diagonally over your head and pull it down towards your chest. With the ends of the hijab, neatly pin it to the side of your shoulder and voila!

These are some of the ways you could tie a hijab. It is easy, simple, yet exquisite, and classy.

You can try new styles with a hijab and look stunning as ever.

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