Countries Where Hijab is Mandatory

The hijab has a history that dates back to the medieval ages. A hijab is basically a veil that Muslim women wear to stay covered from the male gaze, which is outside of their immediate family. This veil covers their head along with all of their hair. Some women style the hijab in multiple ways that protect their chests as well.

A hijab is mainly worn to protect a woman’s modesty from the male gaze, and it also protects her innocence.

Hijab’s central ideology is that it protects women’s modesty. This is done by covering the hair. Wearing a hijab does not give a Muslim woman only external satisfaction. There is also an internal satisfaction that is achieved that protects their innocence. The Holy Quran has mentioned that it is mandatory for a Muslim woman who believes and has faith in Allah and his religion to wear a hijab. Over the years, the hijab has become insanely popular in terms of religion and fashion.

Some countries shun women from wearing the hijab while some have made it mandatory.

Let’s read on to know more about the countries where the hijab is mandatory for every Muslim woman.


Some of the countries where hijab is mandatory are:


1. Iran

Ever since the Islamic Revolution that took place in 1979, wearing a hijab in any public space is mandatory and beyond compulsory for a Muslim woman. This law that was passed in the year 1979 had been criticized by many. Most women thought, and even men thought it was quite caging. Under every circumstance, women in Iran have to wear a hijab when stepping out of their homes. Apart from wearing a hijab, it is also required that women wear loose clothing and nothing that flaunts their figure. There have been many protests in Iran regarding the ban of mandatory hijab, but the law still applies to date. The hijab has become a standard dress code in Iran, which applies to urban and rural women. Those women and men who have rebelled and protested against this law have been charged with severe consequences. Many women in Iran have been discriminated against for wearing and not wearing the hijab. There have been grave political issues that came with it. Suicide rates soared as women killed themselves so they would not be exploited and embarrassed publicly.


2. Iraq

Another country where wearing the hijab is mandatory is in Iraq. The hijab is compulsory throughout the country, but it is more rigid in Najaf and Karbala’s Shi’a holy cities. The law of the land has made it mandatory for women to wear hijabs when out in public. Most women opt to wear abaya rather than just the hijab. The law that makes hijab mandatory in Iraq was received rather well when compared to Iran. There were fewer protests and criticisms.


3. Saudi Arabia

As most Islamic countries, Saudi Arabia has made it mandatory for all women to wear. They have passed a law that expects women to be dressed appropriately and modestly when they are out in public. They cannot eat anything exposing or any clothes that hug your body and show your bag. Women in this country have taken this law relatively comfortably. It has become a more fashion statement rather than coming from a religious background. The crown prince of Saudi Arabia has stated that women who wear the hijab or an abaya look modest and respectful. The women in Saudi Arabia have adopted the hijab in their fashion style and look stunning as ever wearing it. It is mostly because of how the Arab women style the hijab; it has become so popular worldwide.


4. Indonesia

Indonesia is also one amongst the countries where wearing a hijab is mandatory. It is also one of the countries that have the largest population of Muslims residing in it. At first, the Indonesian government had passed a law where Muslim women had to cover their heads at all times when out in public. It was protested mainly against for the longest time. But later, after many political controversies, wearing a hijab is not mandatory still Indonesian women have a fondness for wearing hijabs, and they often complement their attire with georgette hijabs for regular occasions. However, for special events such as weddings, chiffon hijabs are considered essential accessories to accompany their dresses.

Taking inspiration from Dubai, where it is optional for women to wear hijabs, Indonesia followed in the same footsteps. It is entirely optional and is the women’s choice if they would prefer to wear it or no.


5. Yemen

Yemen is a country that is quite forward to its times. Women in this country have gracefully embraced the philosophy of the hijab.

Though women don’t need to wear the hijab, they choose to wear it as a symbol of their religious and intellectual standards. It dramatically affects their style of living and though the process.

Most women in Yemen from a very young age have worn the hijab and grown-up There has never been any sort of political controversy regarding it.

“Man in early times was almost naked, and as his intellect evolved, he started wearing clothes. What I am today and what I’m wearing represents the highest level of thought and civilization that man has achieved and is not regressive. It’s the removal of clothes again that is regressive back to ancient times.” This is a famous quote by Tawakkol Karman, a Nobel Peace Prize Winner, which explains volumes about the hijab’s views in Yemen.


These are some countries in the world were wearing the hijab is mandatory. It is a sign of modesty, and it protects the innocence of women. It can be debated time and again if making the hijab mandatory is oppressive or not.

Some women have accepted gracefully, while some women have opposed it and felt nothing but oppressed by it.


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