How To Wear A Hijab In Different Styles

A hijab is a piece of clothing worn by Muslim women all over the world. The central ideology behind wearing a hijab is that it covers your hair. Over the years, many women have come to love wearing hijab. In this day and age, many women have discovered new ways to wear a hijab with developing fashion trends and styles. Women feel empowered and protected while wearing hijab. Apart from being a religious necessity, it has also become a mainstream fashion trend. They have made it look fun, stylish, and elegant, all at the same time. These women come from different countries and have different cultures. They incorporate their creative ideas and wear a hijab according to their style of preference and comfort. They consider the weather, what outfit they would be wearing, and how exactly they can tie it.

There are plenty of ways to wear a hijab and make it look super stylish or even simple.

In this blog, we will be taking you through some of those styles on how you can wear a hijab. Read on to know more about the different styles of wearing a hijab.


The Simple Hijab

Different Styles of Wearing Hijab

As the name suggests, this is one of the simplest ways of wearing a hijab. This style is elegant, simple, and a classic. You could consider wearing your hijab in a simple way for your everyday activities. It is respectful and one of the best ways to wear a hijab.

Let’s take a look at how exactly do you wear it?


  • Take a scarf that is comfortably rectangular in shape.
  • Place it over your head in a way that it covers all your hair.
  • Take the scarf and wrap it neatly around your head.
  • Take the ends and secure them under your chin neatly.
  • You can pull it below towards your chest to make sure it is being covered.

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Hijab With No Pin

Tie A Hijab

This style of wearing a hijab is very similar to the simple hijab. It requires no usage of any pin. It is comfortable to wear and saves you time. If you are late, this hijab with no pin can save you time for looking for a pin. It looks elegant and is pretty smart, as well. You can use fun, colorful, or printed scarves and hijabs to make this style of wearing a hijab look more appealing since there is no pin involved.


  • Take a rectangular scarf, or even a triangular scarf would work.
  • Then wrap the scarf over your head in an angular position where one of the ends is longer.
  • Take one side of the scarf and neatly wrap it around your head.
  • With one side of the scarf, neatly tuck the edge near your ear.
  • Keep in mind not to make it look very bulky and oversized.
  • You can pull some of the fronts of your hijab to cover your chest.


Hijab To Cover Your Chest

 Hijab Covering Women Chest

In this style of wearing a hijab, you can incorporate many ideas and fun ways to wear your hijab. You can opt for the no pin style or even the simple style of wearing a hijab. When you wear your hijab, most women opt that it is worn in a way that it covers your chest. It is respectful and elegant to look at.


  • Take a rectangular or a triangular hijab and place it over your head.
  • Make sure all of your hair is covered neatly.
  • Then take one side of the hijab and wrap it in a layer around your head.
  • You can either use a pin to hold the hijab securely.
  • Then, use the front part of the hijab and give it a slight pull towards your chest.


Hijab Pinned in the Side


Most women around the world opt to wear this style of hijab as it looks so stunning and smart at the same time. Not only does it look lovely, but it also gives the woman a sense of confidence and an aura that is so elegant. This style of wearing a hijab can be worn every day as well.


  • Take your hijab and neatly wrap it around your head.
  • Make sure your hair is covered, and there are no loose strands of hair outside.
  • Then take one end of the hijab towards the opposite side of your head and pin it to keep it tight and secure.
  • Your side pinned hijab is now ready to be worn.


Hijab With Accessories


In this day and age, where fashion and trends keep evolving daily, the styles of wearing hijabs too have caught up. Instead of opting for a boring necessary hijab, many women now like to make it look more stylish, forward, and smart. They play around with the fabric and look at different colors and accessories that would match well with their outfit for the day. One of the great ways to make your hijab more interesting is to add accessories to it. This changes the look of your hijab completely.


  • Take a triangular hijab, or even a rectangular one will work.
  • Wrap it around your hair and cover it neatly.
  • Opt for a side pinned style
  • Secure it with a brochure that matches your outfit.
  • You could also add a piece of small statement jeweled pins to give it a more glamorous touch to the hijab.


Arabic Hijab Style

Arabic Women

This style of wearing a hijab is genuinely glamorous and has a wow factor attached to it. Most Arab women like to wear their hijab loosely and pair it with an oversized glasses.


  • Take a rectangular scarf or hijab.
  • Loosely wrap it around your head in a layered manner.
  • Pin one of the edges towards the side.
  • Add a pair of oversized shades to complete your look.

Apart from having its religious plus points, the hijab has become a significant fashion statement. These are some of the different styles of wearing a hijab. You can try wearing these and up your fashion game while still maintaining modesty and elegance.

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